This week you'll receive your letter from the Imagination Library Committee.  We are starting our Community-wide campaign with our club.  We want to achieve 100% participation from our club before we expand the campaign to the entire community.  Remember for under 30/year we can provide a book each month delivered directly to a child aged from birth to 5!  What a great investment in our community's future!!
Below is a letter I received from Marian Buchko, the principle at MacArthur School, Crown Point:
Dear Katherine,
Attached is a picture of “some” of the MacArthur students and parents that are part of the Imagination Library program.  The students are holding some of the actual books they have received thanks to the Rotary.  On behalf of MacArthur School thank you so much for this life changing project.  To put books in the hands of students that wouldn’t otherwise have them is such a blessing.
Have a Great Day.